The Water Policy Unit supports the Ministry for Energy and Water Management in the development of national policies for the water sector and in addressing the requirements of the EU Water Acquis in particular under the implementation process of the Water Framework Directive.  The Unit also undertakes several EU and nationally funded initiatives to support the development of national policies and action plans in the water sector.

Water Conservation Campaign

Water demand in the Maltese Islands is estimated to stand at around 60 million m3 per year, or around two times the volume of water which can be sustainably sourced from our natural water resources. This highlights the need for water resources to be used effectively and efficiently in all water using sectors in order to ensure that we have sufficient resources to meet the national water demand. For more information on everyday tips on how to save water press on the Read More button.

Water Framework Directive

The main objective of the Water Framework Directive (WFD) is to protect and enhance the water environment whilst ensuring the sustainable use and development of water resources for economic and social development. The WFD paves the way for a new integrated, participatory and spatial approach to water management and calls for the development of a River Basin Management Plan, or in the case of Malta, a national Water Catchment Management Plan.

Għajn: Water Awareness Centre

The National Water Conservation Awareness Centre (Għajn) inaugurated in May 2017, aims to raise awareness on the challenges facing the water sector in the Maltese islands and hence the need for the conservation and management of this scarce natural resource. This is achieved through a number of educational and interactive installations housed in the main building of the Centre which supports national educational initiatives on water management and conservation. For more information and opening hours, click on the Read More button.

LIFE Integrated Project

The LIFE Integrated Project “Optimising the Implementation of the 2nd RBMP in the Malta River Basin District” is an eight year project led by the Energy and Water Agency and co-financed under the EU LIFE Programme which aims to support the implementation of the Water Framework Directive in Malta. The budget for the project is set at 17 million EUR spanning from the beginning of 2018 till the end of 2025.

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Projects & Initiatives

The Water Policy Unit participates in several EU funded project initiatives aimed at supporting the development of related policy initiatives in the Maltese islands.