The Energy & Water Agency offers a free energy and water consultation service for all households. Our officers will visit your home to determine your typical daily energy consumption, check your average monthly bill and your appliances, and provide you with tailored energy conservation advice to make small changes to your consumption patterns which result in lower energy and water consumption.

The Energy & Water Agency is extending its free house visit services to also include micro-SMEs to advise them on efficient energy and water use in their businesses.

An officer from the Energy & Water Agency will visit the business’ premises and give advice on improvements that can be made regarding energy use and water consumption, as well as providing information on other grants and schemes the company may be eligible for.

The service will be free of charge and interested micro-SMEs can contact us to register their interest.

For more information and to book a consultation, both for households and Micro-SMEs, fill in the form below and provide contact number in the comments section so that one of our officers will get in touch to set an appointment for your personalised visit:

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