Promotion of Energy Audits in Small and Medium Sized Enterprises

The Energy Efficiency Directive (EED) identifies SMEs as target enterprises forming part of policy which drives towards increased energy efficiency.  The Energy and Water Agency is the entity that administers the implementation of Regulation 10 of the transposition of the EED, that is, the Regulation related to energy auditing in the Energy Efficiency and Co-Generation Regulations (S.L. 545.16).

The Promotion of Energy Audits in Small and Medium Sized Enterprises Scheme is divided into two sections, here referred to as Scheme A and Scheme B.  The first is eligible to enterprises that are listed under the De Minimis Regulation whilst the latter is for enterprises eligible under the General Block Exemption Regulation.

Enterprises are invited to apply through the official Application Form for an energy audit, to the level and detail as outlined in the Schedule Section of Government Notice No. 19974 (as amended), raised by a certified energy auditor chosen from the list of energy auditors which can be accessed on the website of the Regulator for Energy and Water Sources (REWS). After reviewing the application, the Agency will inform the enterprise that it can proceed with the audit. Once the energy audit is complete and submitted to the Energy and Water Agency, the latter will ensure that the report meets the minimum requirements as detailed in the previously mentioned Schedule.  If the report meets the minimum requirements set out, the enterprise will receive the amount invoiced by the certified energy auditor capped up to the amount indicated in the same Government Notice.

Through cooperation with the Malta Business Bureau, the Energy and Water Agency has been in direct contract with the industry.  Both parties acknowledge that through energy audits, small and medium sized enterprises with high energy consumption, may engage with professionals certified in this field in order to analyze and outline an energy review of the entity’s activities. Through the energy audit, the business will identify actions and investments that may be carried out in order to reduce energy consumption on a daily basis, resulting in lower bills and overall expenditure.

Downloadable Forms

Promotion of Energy Audits in Small and Medium Sized Enterprises Scheme – Scheme A applications under the De Minimis Regulation (Commission Regulation No. 1407/ 2013).

Promotion of Energy Audits in Small and Medium Sized Enterprises Scheme – Scheme B applications under the General Block Exemption Regulation.

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+1MWp Scheme

Following a positive assessment by the DGCOM of a new support scheme for large scale PV system and the publishing of the Solar Farm Policy by the Planning Authority, the Agency in conjunction with the Ministry for Energy and Water Management, has launched a competitive process which forms the basis for the allocation of support for PV systems of at least 1MWp.  This competitive process introduces an innovative approach for the allocation of government aid and grid priority for large scale PV, which until recently, could not benefit from existing support mechanisms.

The second round of the scheme has now been launched, and all information can be obtained from the Ministry’s website: click here. The generation produced will continue to count towards Malta’s 2020, 10% Renewable Energy target. Meanwhile, the ongoing schemes have ensured that Malta remains on track towards the achievement of the 2020 RES target as confirmed by the country report published by the European Commission as part of the State of the Energy Union Report.