About Us


The Energy and Water Agency is a Government Agency established via LN 340/2016 within the Ministry for Energy, Enterprise and Sustainable Development. Set up in 2014 the Agency is tasked with formulating and implementing Government’s national policies in the energy and water sectors, aimed at ensuring security, sustainability and affordability of energy and water in Malta.

Who We Are

The Agency dedicates a significant share of its resources to the annual execution of planned budgetary and manifesto measures, together with the carrying out of the respective EU Acquis. This means the implementation of legislation and policies related to renewable energy, energy efficiency, electricity and gas security of supply, the internal energy market, water demand management and sustainability of the water supply-base.

The Agency has grown significantly in these last years to enable it to effectively cover its broad portfolio, and by the end of 2018, the agency had a workforce of 45 people. The team is made up of a mix of professionals, including engineers, architects, hydrologists, scientists, analysts, communication specialists, economists and an administration unit, led by the following executives:

Chief Executive Officer

Chief Policy Officer (Energy)

Chief Policy Officer (Water)

Chief Policy Officer (Stakeholder Support)

Chief Corporate Officer

Mr. Manuel Sapiano

Ing. Sandro Lauri

Dr. Michael Schembri

Ing. Charles Buttigieg

Ms. Nadia Gatt Gafa

What We Do

The Energy & Water Agency is entrusted with the direct running of key national projects and the empowerment of key stakeholders to implement such projects. Examples of such project include: the Chadwick Lakes Trail, WATER – Be the Change, Għajn – the National Water Conservation Awareness Centre, the replacement of old and inefficient appliances in vulnerable households and the LIFE Integrated Project.

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